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Updated October 2015

Welcome!  We are a small, select Bengal breeder located on a ranch in Lincoln, California outside of Sacramento offering top quality Bengal kittens for sale.  In order to provide each of our Bengals the time and devotion she would receive as a household pet, we keep the number of cats very low.  It keeps our standards very high as we only have the time and space to breed the very best.  We have exceptional brown spotted  Bengal kittens resembling early generation Bengals in the late Spring and late Fall. 

Since we first started our Bengal cattery in 1999, our eye for the cats and knowledge of the breed development has been clarified and refined.  While we specialize in retaining the wild essence and type of the Asian Leopard cat, we occasionally have marbled, snow, and long hair (or Cashmere) Bengal kittens available.  We enjoy sharing the Bengal cat information I've gain with over fifteen years experience breeding Bengals.

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Below are articles I've written to answer your questions about Bengals and to help familiarize you with the breed.
More information about our Bengal cattery and the requirements and costs of adopting one of our available Bengal kittens.

Bengal Kittens For Sale
      Look for Quality Bengal Kittens on Facebook and like us to keep up with our current litters of kittens.  Jon and Robyn joined their lives and catteries together but have each kept their original cattery prefixes - Solana Ranch and Wildernesswell (previously of Scotland).  Now you get the combined experience and knowledge of two breeders working together as one.
Please carefully read Purchasing Bengal Kittens from Solana Ranch Bengals to understand our Deposit and Waiting List system.  This page also explains our Bengal kitten prices.


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