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Triple Grand Champion Beaux Mondes Home of the Brave

Sire: Beaux Mondes Gabriella
Dam: Allaglow Kaleb Bug of Beaux Mondes
 HCM: Negative in 2014
PK-Deficiency: Negative/Negative
Pedigree: Beaux Mondes Home of the Brave

Upon seeing pictures of Beaux Mondes Cous Cous, I fell in love.  I wanted one - in brown.  So when word of a repeat breeding was leaked, Jon and I put our names in the hat without hesitation.  A litter was born - two boys and one girl.  Upon the first set of pictures, Jon picked Bravo, and he has been ours ever since.   I don't think we could have asked for anything more from our dear friend Vicki Beeler, who - once again - has sent us a something special.

Bravo has so many unique traits that are difficult to find on a Bengal male.  Many of them have to do with his body.  Bravo is a large cat, but he isn't bulky.  He has strong, thick boning, but a long, lean, muscular, athletic body.  That combination is difficult to come across on one cat.  Bravo's head is proportionately small in comparison to his large body which is nearly impossible to come by on a fertile Bengal male, and it is oh-so-important in achieving the look of the small semi-tree dwelling wildcats.  Bravo's broad nose which sets down low between the whisker pads are just what the girls need to drop their own nose set and widen it up a bit.  In addition his eye shape, which has the wilder inside top edge will compliment the girls as well.

Bravo's pattern is particularly exciting as well.  I've been working on horizontal flow - which he has, but I really need to improve my cats' spots themselves.  I'm striving for rosettes, but not donut rosettes.  I want to add paw printed and arrow headed rosettes.  Bravo fits the bill here again with his beautiful combination of paw printed and arrow headed rosettes.  Thank you Vicki for sending us such a special boy that you've bred down from Stonehenge Icon's Silver Romance.  He is a rare treat.

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