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Bengal Breed Characteristics

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bengal cat personalityFirst, one must understand that every cat is an individual, and while there are generalizations that describe the majority of the cats within a breed, a kitten's personality should be determined by your observations of the kitten.

Bengals are full of personality, mainly because they are full of energy.  Their minds and bodies do not rest 18 of the 24 hours like a typical cat.  Its energy comes from the hybridization.  The Asian Leopard Cat can't live a life of leisure as it must constantly be in search of food; therefore, it is on the move and the Bengal is on the move as well.  The Bengal has an interactive personality and will become an active member of the household.  If it doesn't receive enough mental and physical attention, it will let you know.  Bengals are extremely athletic and make great cats to cat agility courses.  When chasing a cat toy, there is no ploy a Bengal will not try to capture the prize.

bengal cats and dogsOn the flip side, the Bengal becomes very attached to its human companion.  Once the Bengal has imprinted on its human - picked its partner - it is very loyal and loving.  They demonstrate their devotion through grooming, rubbing, sleeping and talking.  The talk of a Bengal is often distinct and is more of a chatter than a typical meow.

You will often hear the Bengal referred to as
dog-like because owning a Bengal is a bit more like owning a dog than a cat.  While the Bengal will demand your time, just as a dog demands to be played with, it will also demonstrate devotion as deep as man's best friend.

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