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Solana Ranch Byte O Innocence

Sire: Rosettea Timber Byte
of Solana Ranch
Dam: Beaux Mondes Innocent Bystander of Solana Ranch
 HCM: Negative 2011
PK-Deficiency: Negative/Negative
Solana Ranch Byte O’ Innocence, AKA Bytsie, is my first keeper F4 girl.  Thanks to my good friends Vicki of Beaux Mondes Bengals and Lisa of Rosettea Bengals who shared her parents with me, Bytsie is my most successful combination of coat and type.
Bytsie makes great strides in coat color and pattern without losing the wild essence that is the focus of my breeding program.  I am so impressed by Bytsie that I immediately kept a full sister from the next litter – lucky me!

It is hard to say what I love most about Bytsie, but quite possibly it is her feet. Bytsie’s paws and knuckling are simply massive.  While essentially insignificant, it is one little, or shall I say big, sign that Bytsie has structurally stayed close to her ALC heritage.  Those large feet hold up a sturdy body.  When you pick Bytsie up, bring your muscles as she is not light as a feather.

Bytsie’s boning and muscling are everything we want in a Bengal, yet she maintains enough length to wear her mass with the grace of a wild cat.  Her head is a work of beauty.  All the elements of type are coming together: large eyes, strong chin, puffy whicker pads, and thick nose leather.  The white goggles give her nice contrast in color.  Her base coat is getting close to that perfect Bengal brown – just warm enough to be beautiful without being hot orange.  Her arrowhead and pawprint rosettes have the fluidity and movement of a cat on the move, and if that all isn’t enough, she maintains of an expression of the whited pattern.

Bytsie’s exceptional qualities across the board impressed judges at her only show.  As a
five-month-old kitten, she finaled in four of the nine rings she attended.  While she seemed to enjoy all the attention, she is well suited for motherhood and will not likely hit the circuit any time soon.  You will simply have to stop by Solana Ranch to get a glimpse of this beauty in person!

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