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Sire: DesertBengals by Chance
Dam: Bijou Bengals Liberty
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Of course when the kittens are born, we breeders all dream about them as the next greatest cat, but reality sunk in as I watched Solana Ranch Declaration playing with other cats.  Even in the middle of full force roughhousing, her tail does not go in the air ? it can?t.  Appearances aren?t deceiving; the structure of the ALC is still there ? four generations down the line.

Clair exemplifies the future of my program.  Line up the grandmother (Independence), the mother (Liberty), and the daughter (Clair), and one can see that not much is lost from one generation to the next ? especially in her head.  Clair still exhibits the ALC-shaped skull; she even still has the wharf ridge where the two halves seem fused at the top.  Her wonderfully cupped ears which are the smaller than both mom and grandma won 2006 On Safari's Breeder's Choice Award for Best Kitten Ears.  Her body, her movement and her tail all scream wild cat.

Clair speaks for herself.  She is my Declaration.

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