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Vividcats Deuces Wild

Sire: Astarte Dangerous Liaisons of Vividcats
Dam: Pocketleopards Majora of Vividcats
 HCM: TBD in 2015
PK-Deficiency: Negative/Negative
Pedigree: Vividcats Deuces Wild

Jon and I had just found Bravo, so getting another stud cat wasn't exactly on our To-Do list.  But in a fast scroll down Facebook, this face stopped me and made me look back.  Oh my gosh, this little guy's facial features are all in similar proportions to what we are striving to keep.  I sheepishly said to Jon, "Look at this kitten."  Lo and behold, Jon had already noticed him too.  Jon hadn't mentioned him to me because he didn't think I'd go for what is commonly called a charcoal, but Deuce didn't look charcoal to me - or to Jon - and knowing the pedigree, Jon suggested, he is likely Apb/Apb.  Wow, what a dream!  We contacted Stephanie right away, and began the process of making Deuce our own.

It was Deuce's face combined with his genetics that made him desirable to us.  His large, open  low set eyes will help us ensure that our cats eyes don't migrate too high on the face which completely takes away from the look of a small semi-tree dwelling wildcat face.  His rounded, low set ears will help pull down some of the ears we have around here, and the width of his nose will broaden out the girls' noses.  Deuce's solid boning and thick tail will keep our program structurally strong.

 But Deuce's hidden treasures lie within.  For non-Bengal people, Apb is currently the only gene we can currently genetically test for and determine that it comes from the Asian Leopard cat.  Deuce has two copies of Asian Leopard cat agouti.  With DNA typically coming down in blocks, other good stuff is hiding in there with his Asian Leopard cat agouti genes.  Deuce has not only improved the contrast of our kittens, he is starting to unlock patterns that have always been hard to get.  The outer tram lines of his kittens are always thicker and stronger than the inner lines that typically form the tabby M.  In some kittens, he has broken that tabby M.  In others, he is showing great promise of producing an ocelli pattern that will stay through adulthood.  We can't thank Stephanie enough for allowing Deuce to come to us and add such pizzazz to our breeding programs.

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