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Champion Solana Ranch Let Freedom Ring - AKA Freya 

Sire: WinsomeBG Head On of Sunshine
Dam: Solana Ranch Last Patriot
HCM Negative in 2014
PK - Deficiency Negative/Negative
Pedigree: Solana Ranch Let Freedom Ring

Patty had been producing nothing but boys, so when a baby girl was born, she was a keeper - no evaluation necessary. But, my oh my, what Patty and Heady had in store for me was something spiritually special.  She lives up to her name - ringing the sounds of freedom wherever she goes.

Freya is an Inde grandaughter, but in many ways, she is more Inde than anything else.  She structurally looks more like Inde than Patty; her head is more like Inde than Patty, and most of all her spirit, her personality, her devotion to me, her voice are all more Inde than Patty.  Not that there is anything wrong with Patty, but it is heart warming to have a cat that embodies the most influential cat in my life - Awagati Independence.  I don't know exactly what Heady did to tap back into those roots, but I can't thank him enough for pulling Inde out of Patty.

Winding on for miles, Freya's body moves with the power, grace, and precision of an acrobat and the speed of a hummingbird.  Flipping in the air in an attempt to catch Da Bird, she always lands in the tiniest of clearings on a kitten-filled floor - never bumping into another cat.  While wheels are nice, nothing beats a daily romp up, down, and all around the house - stationary running isn't for Freya; the whole house must be covered with her presence. 

Freya's face is an important middle ground in my program.  I prefer eyes very low on the face.  In comparison to many of my other girls, Freya's eye are a little high set, but this higher set is not without balance.  She has back skull that extends well beyond the bulbs of her ears which allows those higher set eye to still be in the correct proportions to the ALC head structure.  Despite the length in her muzzle, her eyes still sit on the first third of her skull.  Freya muzzle unit: nose, whisker pads, chin are also beautifully balanced forming the three leaf clover effect that I strive for.  Her low nose set - down in between the whisker pads - polishes her facial features.

Like many of my cats, Solana Ranch Let Freedom Ring has a few names.  She will most often be referred to as Freya in print, but at home,  she has become Freester Beast, Freester Beaster, Beastie Beastie, Beastie, and most commonly The Beast.  But we all know true beauty resides in every beast, and without doubt, this Beast knows how to love.

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