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Rainforest Keeping Up with the Joneses of Solana Ranch

Sire: Jungleroads Shock and Awe
Dam: Rainforest Tiger Lily Jones

My plan to move forward in my breeding program included adding both black and white to my cats.  The fad of the moment in Bengals is the whited pattern, and I whole heartedly agree that this is essential to the wild look of the cat

However, the white is not nearly as dramatic when it appears without black.  This is where Jonesee comes in.  Genotypically he has the goods to add true black onto his offspring as can easily be seen in his litter with Pandora.  In addition, he certainly will not take anything away from the ALC skull shape.  Look at the picture below of Jonesee with my F2 Independence.  The similarity in skull structure is amazing when one considers that Jonesee is six generations down the line!  On top of it all he has wild, open rosettes. 

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