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Solana Ranch Luca Like  F3, Taro ALC

Sire: Bijou Bengals Kingston Trio
Dam: Awagati Independence
 HCM: Negative 2011
PK-Deficiency: Negative/Negative

When Solana Ranch Luca Like - a Taro F3 - was first born, I showed anyone who would look the size of her tightly closed eye slits - they covered her entire baby face.  Those eyes did not disappoint as they opened up.   The best part is she consistently passes them down to her Bengal kittens - what a gem!  Without the nocturnal eyes, the Bengal is just a spotted cat - Luca Like ensures there are no ordinary Bengal cats at Solana Ranch.

Despite the gorgeous eyes, it wasn't the right time for me to keep a kitten, so she went off to Beaux Mondes Bengals for safe keeping.  When Vicki needed to cut back her queens, I, naturally, offered to take Luca Like back - not only for her eyes, but also for her heart.  Her parents have both tested negative for HCM multiple times, so the probability is high that Luca Like's healthy heart is life-long. 

Luca Like is my only real connection to the Bengal cats I worked with prior to having human children.  Her sire, a Bijou Bengals cat, brings forth my very first Bengal, Arks Koa, and the old Awagati lines, via Leadbelli, that taught me so much about breeding Bengals.  It makes me so proud when other Bengal breeders tell me that they send their customers to look at Luca Like when they are trying to explain what a Bengal's head and skull should look like.  It is easy to see why I can depend on Luca Like to deliver, without fail, exceptionally wild looking Bengal kittens.  Her pedigree is filled with type cats, so there isn't a male out there who has a prayer of domesticating the look of Luca Like's Bengal kittens.

Goregous nocturnal eyes, healthy heart, PK- Deficient negative,  and a personality that draws you in - what an incredible combination.  To this day, Luca Like remains the most attentive mother I have often taking everyone else's kittens into her care.  I am so thankful to have Luca Like!

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