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Sire: Juara of Eraser
Dam: Eraser Nikita

I knew there were risks involved in working with an F1 from a (then) unproven ALC line, but now Eraser Pandora of Solana Ranch has offspring down to the third generation.  The future awaits us!

Much like we have done with Independence, we plan to develop Pandora's line down to the SBT level through breedings purposely selected to maintain her gorgeous appearance.  Her skull shape is different from the skull shape that I?m working with in the Taro line, yet just as wild. We can only hope that Pandora's solid boning, large feet, well-muscled body, and thick tail translate through the generations along with her horizontal pattern, spots on her toes, and t-shirt white belly.  With ceaseless curiosity, we will pull a treasure from 'Pandora's Box' and develop her line.

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