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Solana Ranch Serenity

Sire: WinsomeBG Head On of Sunshine
Dam: Solana Ranch Maisie Dobbs
HCM Negative in 2014
PK - Deficiency N/K
Pedigree: Solana Ranch Serenity

When Maisie and Heady had their second litter, I had no intentions of keeping another one.  Their first litter produced Snowflake - my son's dream cat.   But when Serenity met so many breeding goals, she became a keeper.

There is so much that is special about Serenity that it is hard to know where to start.   Perhaps, we'll start with her areas that need improvement.  Serenity does not have good contrast or spot size, but when it comes to the downsides of this cat, it just about ends there.  Her pattern is fantastic as her itty bitty spots are aligned in great horizontal flow, and best of all she has an adult full expression of the white belly pattern.  The white on her cheeks was the final push I needed to keep Serenity; it reaches so high - in between her cheek flashes.  White bellies are one of the more difficult pattern traits to achieve on a Bengal, so this makes Serenity spectacular.

Serenity's body, hip structure, and tail all replicate that of a small forest-dwelling cat.  Her feet and legs are stout and sturdy, yet her torso and neck are lithe, lean, and athletic.  Serenity has the length and flexibility to turn her body in the shape of a U when need be.  Her tail, thick and powerful, extends from her rounded rump to function as a the perfect counter weight when flipping through the air.  Her hips - wide, high, straight, and muscular - produce enough power to send Serenity soaring six to seven feet in the air while stalking the high flying toys.  This cat is built to survive the natural selection process.

And then, there is Serenity's face.  Her nose and eyes are both set exactly where I want them low on the face.  Nose - between the whisker pads.  Eyes on the front third of her skull.  Her nose leather - with the beautiful bottom flair - is puffed and fleshy.  He eyes - rounded and large - dominate her face.  Her ears - wide based and well cupped - could capture the slightest sound for far away.

 Serens is here to stay.


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