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Solana Ranch Head to the Future - AKA Snowflake  F5, Elias ALC

Sire: WinsomeBG Head On of Sunshine
Dam: Solana Ranch Maisie Dobbs
HCM Negative in 2014
PK - Deficiency N/K
Pedigree: Solana Ranch Head to the Future

Jarob had been wanting a snow kitten for quite some time, but the few girls we had didn't quite seem good enough, and the boys were all F4s, so I managed to deflect his wish to infiltrate this brown loving breeder with a little snow - until Maisie delivered three snowflakes.

The three flakes, as Jarob called them, could have been purple, and they still would have been special.  Like real  snowflakes, each of the three girls was different, yet perfect in her own way.  So how do you pick one? With your gut.  Snowflake has in surplus what many Bengals lack - a beautifully domed top and back skull.    Snowflake's large rounded eyes, small rounded ears, puffed, wrapped nose leather, and plump rounded whisker pads all add to her wild look.  No flat planes exist on her face- every aspect of her face is molded in gentle curves.   She was picked at three-weeks-old for her round, cubby head, and it has developed exactly as planned.  I picked her, as her registered name suggests, for what she can produce.  I see in her an opportunity to balance the current typical Bengal head which makes her a valuable breeding queen.  She wasn't necessarily the most balanced of the three, but I suspect that she can hold onto the roundness when bred to a male with an angle or two (of which there are many) and make sixth generation babies that still retain the skull shape of a small wildcat, and thus, Jarob finally got his Flay. 

Snowflake's personality could not be better for the cat of a nine-year-old boy.  She purrs the instant you look at her, snuggles up close to your body at night, and plays from dawn to dusk.  She doesn't mind being hauled around from room to room, and she is always front and center to have a good play with anyone who will move a feather toy around.

Her beautifully horizontal pattern and small rosettes have already proven they can expand while keeping the horizontal flow and lack of vertical alignment in her offspring.  Snowflake belongs to the next generation; she will be the vehicle that moves forward without going backwards in appearance.



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